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Kiosks For Car Dealers

touch screen kiosks for car dealers

Kiosks throughout the store increase customer engagement with the dealer's products and services, adding ROI while increasing customer satisfaction. Available with touch and non-touch solutions, kiosks digitize dealer marketing and create an interactive customer experience.

Touch-Screen Kiosks for Car Dealerships

Kiosks from the Digital Dealership System increase customer engagement with auto dealer's products and services, adding ROI while increasing customer satisfaction. Available with touch and non-touch solutions, kiosks digitize dealer marketing and create an interactive customer experience.

  • Touch-Screen Kiosks: Place Dealership Information and Research at the Fingertips of Customers
  • Digital POP Displays: Replace and Consolidate and Modernize Vinyl Marketing in the Dealership
  • Mall Kiosks: Customer Acquisition Sends Directly to dealer CRM / BDC

Kiosks can be custom designed with the applications and services the dealer is looking for -- or available as hardware only -- allowing the dealer total control of the user experience and future applications.

Touch-Screen Kiosks for car dealers from the Digital Dealership System provide auto companies the ability to create a focal point in their dealership. Touch-Screen Kiosks are powder-coated, steel construction with the kiosk pedestal wrapped with vinyl graphics. Touch-Screen Kiosks for auto dealers include a full 24" touch-screen display that is edge-to-edge glass offering the best in touch-screen kiosk hardware.

Each touch-screen kiosk for auto dealerships has a choice of long or short base. The longer base fits under a car vehicle tire while the short base offers stability and is meant to be bolted to the ground. Touch-screen kiosks from the digital dealership system provide a turn-key solution for auto dealers looking to increase auto store interactivity and increase vehicle customer revenue. Each system comes with a windows 8 computer with full configuration and operation for digital signage applications.

For those auto dealers looking for the complete solution, the touch-screen kiosks can come preloaded with the Digital dealership system software that adds such features as wrapping content with car dealer marketing, remote management and our exclusive screensaver application that resets the touch-screen kiosk solution after every use by car dealer customers. The touch-screen kiosk application allows for multiple touch points and launch points to different aps directly in the system.

Auto dealers use the touch-screen kiosks solution from the digital dealership system to provide sell more tires with tire search applications; sell more cars by showing inventory on the touch screen kiosk regardless of weather; accessory applications sell more accessories in car dealerships by allowing dealer customers to estimate payments as they configure their dream vehicle; customer checkin passively collect information on car dealer customers in the service area and suggests up sells for them.

Touch-screen kiosks for auto dealers form the Digital Dealership System provide car companies a variety of solutions to increase profits and bottom line revenues -- while increasing customer satisfaction index (CSI). Touch-screen kiosks are one part of the suite of products from the digital dealership system that also includes dealer lounge tv, digital service menus, dealer showroom tv marketing, and much more.

Digital Koisk

Touch-Screen Digital Kiosk Pedestal

Touch-Screen Kiosks for Car Dealerships provide a centralized information and customer acquisition system for service and sales areas. 10-Point Touch, Capacitive Touch-Screen available in 27", 43" or 55" rests on an all-steel, US Manufacturered based that can be customized with the dealer messaging. Available with Windows, Chrome or Apple media Player.

The touch-screen kiosk can be provided as a hardware solution or with the Digital Dealership System software providing six different applications on the same kiosk.

Touch-Screen Totem Kiosk

The Touch-Screen Totem Kiosk, available in 49" or 55", offers a vertical, interactive, customizable solution for car dealers. The system provides a stand-out, engaging experience for customers in the dealership. Available as Window-Based or Android-Based touch systems with multi-touch displays and aluminum construction.

Include the optional Digital Dealership System software solutions or custom software to integrate with dealership lead capture and services.

Totem Koisk
Totem Koisk

Digital POP Displays

Consolidate, Replace and Digitize vinyl POP (point of presence) displays with Digital POP Systems. Systems support full motion video, sales appointment systems, integrated websites, images and much more. A single click can easily update screens across a store or dealership group. A full custom manufacturer content suite is provided with the services and online updates are quick and simple. Break away from banners and sheets of paper for in-store marketing messaging.

Available in 49" or 55" systems running Windows or Android operating systems. Digital POP Displays can be purchased with or without the Digital Dealership System software solutions.

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