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Social Media Posting Application

  • FREE Social Media Posting App

  • Every Staff Member has Access

  • Simple - Step-by-Step Process
  • Customized Posting to Social Media

  • 100's of Optional Backgrounds

  • Interrupt Showroom Screens
  • Schedule Future and Repost History

  • Upload Dealer Custom Backgrounds

  • Unlimited Posts and Updates

BLAST! is a free download that simplifies and customizes the dealership "new car" announcement on social media. Take a Picture, Customized the Message, and Post to social media with just a few clicks. Select from 100's of background or even upload your own. Post can even interrupt screens in the store to announce to everyone that a new car was sold. Each staff member can have their own user account under the main admin account, increasing usage and number of posts. Some features may require premium subscription.

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