Managed Digital Sign & Kiosk Solutions


Digital Dealership System

Managed Digital Sign & Kiosk Solutions

The Digital Dealership System offers the most comprehensive suite of managed Digital Sign and Kiosk solutions for the modern dealership. Increase Store Profitability, Retention and Boost CSI with a full-store, integrated digital sign solution.

  • Boost Closing Ratios up to 26%
  • Managed Content & Services
  • Unique Dealer Customized Solutions
  • Increase Service Revenue up to 32%
  • Approved DMS/CRM Integrations
  • Competitive Switch & Save Guarantee

Complete Solutions

Digital sign solutions for the entire dealership professionally installed or use your own screens.

Automatic Updates

Content automatically updated at no charge or update it yourself any time. The choice is yours.

99.999% Uptime

Professionally monitored and supported network infrastructure to maximize uptime and reduce maintenance.

Content Production

Full content suite included or allow us to create customized videos and images for your dealership.

Digital Signage


Service Menu for Car Dealers

Service Menu

Highlight transparent pricing with multiple menus and marketing with the super ticker for dealer specials and news.

Service Status Boards for Car Dealers

Service Status Boards

DMS Connected Service Status triggered by RO status combined with multiple menus and marketing messages.

Dare to Compare for Car Dealers

Dare To Compare

A digital WHY-BUY board compares services and prices with unlimited slides and the exclusive super ticker.

Customer Lounge TV for Car Dealers

Customer Lounge TV

Control the lounge programming with Commercial Free ddsTV, LiveTV, and Commercial Replacement options.

Welcome Board for Car Dealers

Welcome Board

Greet customers with dealer branding and their name in lights based on their DMS-Connected Appointment time.

Kiosks Solutions for Car Dealers

Kiosk Solutions

An interactive customer resource center or sales process tool perfect for the showroom, service and finance.

serviceALERT for Car Dealers


DMS Connected service texting to remind customers of their upcoming appointments and upon completion of work.

DDS BLAST! for Car Dealers


New Car Purchase announcements BLAST! on screens throughout the store, social media, and email.

Showroom TV for Car Dealers

Showroom TV

Enhances the showroom with multiple screens providing dealer and premium videos and the exclusive super ticker.

Sales Appointments for Car Dealers

Sales Appointments

Properly greet guests with their appointment time, name, vehicle, staff name and dealer marketing.

Sales Leaderboard for Car Dealers

Sales Leaderboard

DMS Connected reports update throughout the day including new/used sales, pending, trends, gross and more.

Video Walls for Car Dealers

Video Walls

Professionally installed, thin bezel monitors in multiple configurations with exclusive video and lifestyle content.

DDS Vertical Signs Website with Screen for Car Dealers

Vertical Signs

Fit vertical screens in modern dealerships with premium vertical video content and banners in sales and service.

Kiosk Solutions for Car Dealers

Kiosk Solutions

An interactive customer resource center or sales process tool perfect for the showroom, service and finance areas.

Customer Lounge TV for Car Dealers

Customer Lounge TV

Control the lounge programming with Commercial Free ddsTV, LiveTV, and Commercial Replacement options.

DDS BLAST for Car Dealers


Social Media application for posting new car sales to Facebook, Twitter and Screens throughout the dealership.

Standard Layout for Car Dealers

Standard Layout

Commercial Free ddsTV or LiveTV with unlimited marketing and the super ticker with dealer specials and news.

DMS Integration for Car Dealers

DMS Integration

Service status automatically updates on Commercial Free ddsTV or LiveTV including marketing and the super ticker.

Commercials Replacement for Car Dealers

Commercial Replacement TV

Replace commercials on Live TV with your own videos, testimonials, welcome messages and dealer videos.

Kiosk Solutions for Car Dealers

Kiosk Solution

An interactive customer resource center or sales process tool perfect for the showroom, service and finance.

Digital POP for Car Dealers

Digital POP

Digitized vinyl pop-up and paper marketing with digital, vertical display throughout the modern dealership.




Mobile Dashboard Leaderboard

Your Store, in the palm of your hand. DMS-Connected Mobile Sales Dashboard puts store tracking and employee sales data in a mobile-friendly interface accessible from anywhere.

  • DMS-Connected Automatically Updates Hourly
  • Mobile-Forward Design with One-Click Access
  • Snapshot for the Store by Units, Gross, Deals
  • Quicklinks for Yearly, Monthly, Last Month, and Today
  • Gross Broken Down to FE, BE, and Total Gross
  • Deal Level Detail and Advanced Search
  • Salesperson Access for Individual Units, Gross, Goals
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • Multiple Stores Administrator Management
Customer Lounge TV

Customer Partner Testimonials

mike bettenhausen
erik day
steve lustig
rene gaston
jereme shoemacher
tim hlavenka
richard lyons
DDS Testiminials

We had an idea of what we wanted and after meeting with the Digital Dealership System, we got more than expected while spending less than we budgeted. From the Sales Floor to the Service Areas and our two lounges, the system is over the top and under budget. Installation was professional and timely to match with our grand opening. Corporate Chrysler was impressed with the system and that solidified the investment for me.

Mike Bettenhausen, General Manager

Bettenhausen CDJR Fiat, Aston Martin
DDS Testimonials

We use the kiosks in malls to measure ROI of our advertising spend. We've used them at special events to assist in registration. With daily reports, we can keep an eye on successful marketing and car placements. In our stores, the Digital Dealerhsip System signs provide an array of marketing opportunity from the lounge to showroom to service. Their diversity and customization is a huge asset!

Erik Day, President

Warren Henry Auto Group
DDS Testimonials

We are always looking for ways to enhance the client experience within our dealership group. Engaging our clients with our DDS monitors has helped us put our great offers and services in front of our clients as they walk our showrooms and as they sit at our advisors' desks. The monitors help us present the consistent messaging, branding, and client experience upon which The Autosport Group prides itself. The system is both reliable and easy to use and of course that is important in the fast-paced retail automotive world.

Steve Lustig, Vice President

Autosport Honda, Acura Denville
DDS Testimonials

Appointment boards integrated with marketing seems like a no-brainer to me. Anyone can write appointments on a white board or use a standard greeter board. The Digital Dealership System allows us to customize the system and add marketing where customers are already looking. It's a great system that I would recommend for any service department interested boosting sales and branding.

Melbourne BMW, Service Director

Nalley BMW
DDS Testimonials

We have screens everywhere -- and they are consistently updated with fresh content. From commercial free TV to digital leaderboards and showroom TV, the system is easy to manage and their support it top-notch. Compared to other solutions we looked at, the Digital Dealership System took the time to customize a package specifically for our store and provided flexibility in budgeting and installation.

Jereme Shoemacher, Owner

Toyota of Irving
DDS Testimonials

The Digital Dealership System offered the most flexibility and advanced solution for our dealerships. Selecting DDS solutions was easy after seeing the vast array of products they offer. As the technology needs of the dealership increase, the Digital Dealership System is the right partner. I looked at others, that were pretty much glorified light boxes and simple systems. I wanted something customizable and more advanced. There's only one option for the forward thinking dealer. It's Digital Dealership System.

Tim Hlavenka, General Manager

DCH Montclair Acura
DDS Testimonials

We've been a Digital Dealership System customer for a long time and their systems keep getting better. Their offering is robust, allowing us to continually add interactive elements and new services to help internal marketing and staff motivation.

Richard Lyons, Owner

Lyons Chevy, Buick, GMC Lyons Ford

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Digital Dealership System

The Digital Dealership System offers complete, turn-key in-store digital sign and interactive solutions that is customized for every dealership installation. Services include commercial grade, professional installation of monitors and kiosks throughout the store to create a comprehensive digital dealership marketing message, dealer identity, increase sales and overall ROI.

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